Bathroom vanities

The era has gone by long ago, when bathrooms were considered space of utility and necessary function, but mainly out of view because they were not as presentable as rest of the house. The age of elegant, chic, modern looking bathroom is in which occupy a pride of place in the household. According to a 2006 survey, bathroom remodeling was the top priority among all home improvement projects.

Bathroom vanities and designs

Bathroom vanities are integral part of overall bathroom designs. Bathroom Vanities can often serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom, so it is important to pay close attention to them while doing bathroom remodeling. Bathroom designs are an equally important consideration.
It 's rather fun to experiment with the trendiest ones. Who cares about bathroom vanities having boring standard white cabinets and sinks. Now people want elegant, stylish looking vanities, which are a value addition to the bathroom. Vanities are made of variety of materials. They may be made of wood or synthetic material. They may be veneered or laminated.

Vanity types

Some of the bathroom vanities, in vogue, are: -
Wooden Base Vanities.
Natural Stone Vanities
Vanities made of Stainless Steel
Vanities made of frosted Glass

Care and cleaning
Installing bathroom vanities
Bathroom remodeling tips

Decide your vanity

buy gold grill . klick denna webbplats for information om linser for att spara trängselskatt ut If looks of the bathroom is prime importance to you, then go for a wooden base vanity. It looks cool but it requires more care since it can be damaged by water. Mostly maple and cherry are used to make wooden vanities.
If you are looking for endurance then Natural Stone Vanity is the natural choice.
Looks like you want best of the both worlds. So Guys if both endurance and modern looks is, what you have on mind, then opt for one-piece bathroom vanities made of stainless steel or frosted glass.

Some people use double-basin bathroom vanities as they offer more storage space. Also, they can be used by two people simultaneously. A vanity can have single or double bowls.

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Unique bathroom designs to turn your bathroom into a spa.
Tips to renovate your bathroom.

Let your creative juices flow and express your individuality while selecting your bathroom designs.